This page introduces you to methods of payment for items
you desire to order from The Preacher's Corner Org.
At the bottom of this page you can click to go to the order form, which will
be used, if you order by check or money order.

It is required the designated donation be received before the materials are shipped ,whether
it be check or money-order, Visa Card or Master-Charge, or Pay-Pal services for credit card payment.

You can dial the Preachers Corner Office anytime
from 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
If you do not reach us in the morning, call back in the evening.
There is not someone by the phone all the time during calling hours.

We do accept International Orders for materials. You can e-mail or call from the country outside
the U.S. where you are located, relate what you are wanting to order, and a postage-handling  price
will be given to you on the telephone or by E-mail. 
Telephone: 828-738-0992
E-mail is :


1. Check or Money Order Sent Through the U.S. Mail
We reserve the right, if we deem it necessary,  to hold materials
to be shipped until personal checks clear the bank. If you have ordered from
us before and have had no problems with payment, we will mail the item right after getting
your check.  Money orders are always accepted immediately.

2. Visa or Master-Charge Cards

f you choose to use this method of payment, you can simply E-Mail
Us at and gives us the type of
card (Visa or Master-Card), the card number and expiration date
and the items by item number you desire to order.
After we have your card electronically approved, the items will be mailed to you.
You can do this be telephone if you have a se
cure line by calling us
at 828-738-0992. We will always speak to you on a private land
line (no cordless phone on our end) that we might make your transaction as
secure as possible. Also, if you are concerned about credit card security on your end,
remember to use a land line with no wireless connection. Your credit card number 
and information will be held in strictest privacy by an organization that
can be totally and fully trusted with you personal information.

3. Pay-Pal

If you have a personal Pay-Pal account, you can send your payment to
the Preacher's Corner by logging into your Pay-Pal account
and sending your payment to

North Carolina residents please add 7.0 % sales tax .
This is required by the State of North Carolina for residents.

Call 828-738-0992 For Assistance


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