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"Preach The Word"


A Book That Is A Must
For Bible Preachers

"As a instructor of Hermeneutics, I would say this should be a must for every preacher, old and young alike.

Dr. Alderman deals with the material under the headings of Preparing the Message, Preparing the Messenger, Preparing the Material, Presenting the Material,  and has several sermons in full manuscript form. It is a combination of good Hermeneutics and Homiletics.

Brother Max deals with the preacher's call, character, convictions, courage, and compassion.

He also has an interesting section on colors in the Bible, places in the Bible, plants in the Bible, names in the Bible, and objects and things in the Bible.

He very capably deals with the preparation in preaching, the assimilation, the saturation, the meditation, the interpretation, the application, the presentation and the invitation.

This is a 153 page book full of interesting and informative reading. You will enjoy this book by my friend, Brother Max.

                                                                    Dr. Tom Walker
                                                                    Preacher's Corner Founder


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