Walking In
The Pastor's Shoes


"A New- Enlightening Book"
This is a book that many pastors, after reading its contents,
will want their people to have also..

God recently laid upon my heart to write upon a very needful subject- "Walking In A Pastor's Shoes."  A young pastor called and poured out his heart to me about what was going on in his church and how he was being mistreated.  It was heart wrenching to hear!  God gave me the title and the divisions of the book in just a few minutes while riding down the road, thinking about what the young man said to me on the telephone.  My thought was, "If the people mistreating that pastor were in his shoes, thing would not have happened as they did for this young man."  What if you were in the pastor's shoes?  If you could be for a while it would be a life-changing experience.

God has allowed me to pastor now for over 35 years.  These are things I have heard other pastors talk about and some that I have personally encountered.  This book should be a "must" for your library shelves.

Pastor, why not read it and see if there is material that can help you and your church? In the book I deal with what a pastor desires from his people, as well as what God expects from the people.

I have a deep desire to be a help and a blessing to preachers and churches through this book and other materials that I provide (such as the book on "The Role Of The Deacon In The Local Church."

 .I am endeavoring to try to help churches and preachers.  I not only do the mini-sermon and full manuscript sermon books, but also have done a book on deacons. This Pastor's Shoes book has 59 pages.

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