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The Role of A Deacon In The Local Church

This Book Answers the
Following Questions:

Is it Scriptural to ordain a woman for deacon-ship in the local church?

Does the Bible indicate that deacons are the "overseers" or "rulers" of the church?

Are deacons to take care of ALL the money matters
of a local church according to the Bible?

If the church calls a man to be a deacon, is it necessarily
a lifetime calling?

What are the qualifications for a deacon?

Are deacons the pastor's bosses or his helpers?

Why were deacons chosen in the early church?

Is a deacon candidate's wife's qualifications to be
considered when the church evaluates his qualifications?

What is God's leadership plan for the church?

         How can a deacon cultivate a right spirit ?ill

What are some don'ts for the deacon?

What are some do's for the deacon?

These and many more important questions  are answered in this Bible centered volume.

Every pastor needs this volume for his library!
This is a 48 page book.


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"I have been Tom Walker's pastor for some thirty-three years. He is well qualified to write this booklet on the deacon. His on the job training as Pastor for more than thirty years and his education, has placed him in a position to pass on some valuable information to all of God's people., especially to preachers. It is my pleasure to commend this book to everyone everywhere.
Billy Bryant- Pastor West Court St. Baptist
Marion, NC- USA
"This book is written from Biblical standards and from a heart of love from a Pastor. I highly recommend this book to all of God's people."
Pastor W.K. Metters- Pastor Fairview Baptist
Spartanburg, SC- USA

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