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"Preach The Word"


Matthew 3:13-17

I. The Place Of His Baptism

A. The meaning of the river Jordan

B. The mention of the river Jordan

II. The Preacher Of His Baptism (John the Baptist)

A. Filled with the Holy Ghost

B. Cried out against sin

C. Preached repentance

III. The Purpose Of His Baptism

A. To show self-denial

B. To be our example

IV. The Picture Of His Baptism

A. Of His death

B. Of His burial

C. Of His resurrection

V. The Power Of His Baptism

A. The heavens were opened

B. The spirit of God descended

C. The voice of God was heard from heaven

VI. The Preparation Of His Baptism

A. For His temptation

B. For His public ministry

Sermon by Joe Arthur- Pastor Jonesboro Baptist Tabernacle- Jonesboro, Georgia USA

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