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"Preach The Word"



1. This is not epilepsy

2. Mark 5:1-20

3. Luke 8:26-40

4. No contradiction:

(1) I saw John in town.

(2) I saw John and Jim in town.

I. Consider These Two Men Before They Met Jesus

1. Consider their life before demons entered

2. Consider their life with demons

(1). Their power - Matthew 8:28; Mark 5:4

(2). Their desolation - Mark 5:5

II. Consider Their Meeting With Jesus

1. Both called out to Him - Matthew 8:29

2. Mention is made of only one who ran to Jesus and worshiped Him - Mark 5:6

3. Mention is made of only one who was saved

4. Why was the other not saved"

(1) He was just as needy

(2) He did not seem to need Jesus

(He may not have wanted to lose his power via demons)

III. Consider The Future Of The One Who Was Saved

1. He was a changed man - Mark 5:15; Luke 8:33-36

2. He wanted to be with Jesus - Mark 5:18; Luke 8:38

3. He was given a work to do for Jesus - Mark 5:19; Luke 8:39

4. He turned the attitude of a whole city to Jesus - Luke 8:40

Sermon From Dr. Estus Pirkle- Locust Grove Baptist Church- New Albany-MS---USA


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