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"Preach The Word"


Text: Jeremiah 12:1-13

INTRODUCTION: Historical setting



1. In behalf of your children

(1) Things a good parent wants for his children

A. That they be saved.

B. That they live a Christian life.

C. That they come to marriage pure and virtuous.

D. That they have something to live and die for.


(2) There are footmen loose in America who do not intend for your children to have and be above things. Elaborate.


(3) Footmen you must compete with

A. Public School System

B. Television

C. Rock and Roll Music

D. Movies

E. Recreation

F. Fashion designers

G. Liquor crowd


(4) Are you outrunning these footmen for your children?

A. Have you said, "Everyone else’s children do it. Mine may as well, too."

B. Think about this.

(a) If you can’t stand up to the mini-skirt crowd, what will you do when communism arrives?

(b) If you can’t keep junior from dance or prom, what will you do then?

(c) If you can’t have Mary in now by 11 p.m., what then?


2. In behalf of your marriage


(1) Things a good person wants in his or her marriage.

A. A home joined together and favored by God. Prov. 18:22

B. A home run by mutual love, not necessities of life.

C. A home where two of you share each other’s love until death separates you.


(2) There are footmen in America who do not intend for any home to stay together.

A. One out of three marriages now end in divorce.

B. Many marriages do not last two years.


3. Footmen you must compete with

A. Magazines

B. Television and Hollywood

C. Proponents of situation ethics

D. Unscrupulous men and women

E. False preachers.


(4) Are you outrunning the competition for your marriage?

A. Are you staying true to him or her?

B. Are you about ready to get a divorce on unscriptural grounds.

C. Are you obeying the 7th commandment?

D. If you can’t keep your marriage together now, what will you do under communism?


3. In behalf of the church

(1) What the church is to the Christian

A. The place where he met Jesus.

B. The means by which your children were won to Christ. Acts 1:8; Matt. 28:18-20

C. The place where you learn to fear God and serve Him right. Deut. 31:12-13

D. The place where you learn what God has in future for you.


(2) There are footmen in America intent on closing our churches down.

A. Attendance is waning.

B. Influence is decreasing.


(3) Footmen you must compete with

A. External footmen

(a) Monday morning ridicule

(b) Bosses who want you to work on Sunday.

(c) National Guard has exercises on Sunday.

(d) Television entertainers on Sunday night and Wednesday night.


B. Internal footmen

(a) I need rest.

(b) My feelings are hurt.

(c) I’m not going to be in another fuss.

(d) The preacher is too plain.

(e) I’ve served my time.

(f) If change preacher, will come.


(4) Are you weary of the struggle?

A. Have you quit and started talking against it?

B. Are you ready to quit?

C. Are you taking it easy?

D. Have you stopped its support?



1. There are horsemen in the world intent on running you and me down.

(1) Their goal is world domination by 1972.

(2) They are now engaged in a world wide hate campaign against America.

(3) They are numerous in America now.

A. There are already more communists in America than when they took over in Russia in 1919.

B. Consider their 15 minute plan of take-over.


2. These horsemen have quite different views of your children, your home and your church.

(1) Their view of your children.

A. Youth is the prime target of communism.

(a) They don’t care what happens to people 30 and older.

(b) When they took over in China they put guns in the hands of children 9 years old and told them to shoot any adult who got in their way.

B. They take them away from their parents.

C. They take their names away and give them a number to go by.

D. All Christian instruction must be eliminated.

E. Some children are tortured to death also.

F. Boys and girls are allowed to sleep together.

G. They have no livelihood unless they join the party.


2. Their view of your marriage

A. They teach eventual abolition of all marriage.

(a) All women communized.

(b) Men allowed to go in to them like cattle but not as wives.


B. They do not respect the sacredness of the home.

(a) Husbands and wives are put hundreds of miles apart.

(b) In Cuba, men jailed for 10 years for refusing his wife to communist soldier.

(c) Russian General Voroshilov in 1919.

(d) All people over 60 and not able to work are killed.


C. Consider their treatment of Christian women and political prisoners.


3. Their view of your church.


A. They deny the existence of God.


B. They deny that man was made in the image of God. They believe he is just an animal.

(a) They deny the existence of a soul.

(b) They believe the only way to improve man is for communism to rule the world.

(c) They believe they do society a favor to kill Christians and capitalists.


C. All animals infested with disease of capitalism and Christianity must be exterminated.

(a) Statement by Lenin: "What does it matter if three-fourths of world is killed, just so the remaining one-fourth is communist."

(b) Statement by leader in Red China: "What if it is necessary to have hundreds of millions of Chinese killed while destroying America. There will be 100 million left for communism to have control with."

(c) Actual happenings

North Korea - three million killed.

Russia - twenty million killed.

China - fifty million killed.

America - plans are for one out of three to be killed. This will be over sixty-seven million Americans.


D. Christians are especially contaminated and must be exterminated.


E. Statement by Gus Hall in 1961: "I dream of the hour when the last congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher - and since the Christians love to sing about the blood, why not give them a little of it. Slit the throats of their children and drag them over the mourner’s bench and the pulpit and allow them to drown in their own blood; and then see whether they enjoy singing these hymns."


3. These horsemen can use methods that Christians cannot.

(1) They are masters of deceit - J. Edgar Hoover points out.

A. Infiltrate civil rights movement.

B. Talk peace and build up for war. Use hammer illustration.


(2) Forced biography.

(3) Mass arrests at night.

(4) Solitary confinement in jail.

(5) Indoctrination classes - 17 hours at a time.

(6) Tortures of all kinds


A. General comments

(a) Communists say, "We are not like Hitler."

(b) Doctors usually watch tortures to see that victims do not escape by death too soon.

(c) If man kills self, wife is tortured. If she kills self, children are tortured.

(d) Scriptural confirmation

II Tim.3:3 "Without natural affection" Fierce

II Tim. 3:13 "evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse."

Romans 1:31 "unmerciful"


B. Sleeplessness

C. Standing tortures

D. Weather tortures

E. Body torture

F. Starvation

G. Christian symbols tortures

H. Indecency


(7) Horrible deaths.

Give several illustrations


4. We are in imminent danger from these horsemen now.

(1) J. Edgar Hoover

(2) Richard Wurmbrand

(3) Communist rules for revolution document (captured in 1919) are being followed to a T. They are on last step now.

(4) Student violence on campus.

(5) Many recent happenings like Pueblo.



1. Objections

(1) Matthew 16:18 forbids a communist overthrow.

Answer: No, it may mean that God might have to move the candlestick from America.


(2) Objection - The Rapture will have to come first. Answer: It did not occur before all known Christians in Korea were killed or 20 million Russians and 50 million Chinese.


2. Remedy

(1) II Chron. 7:14

A. Ninevah is ancient example.

B. Indonesia is modern example.

(2) Jeremiah 36:1-3.

(3) Run against footmen now.

(4) Be prepared if horsemen do come.




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