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1. There are many mysteries about this one of Jesus' disciples

(1) Judas was in that group - Matthew 10:1FF

(2) Why did Jesus choose him to be a disciple knowing him for what he was.

2. He kissed the door to heaven; yet went to hell - Luke 22:47-48

I. Judas Before He Met Jesus

A. As a child-Son of Simon - John 13:26
He was innocent then

B. As Judas Iscariot -Luke 6:16 From town of Kerioth South of Judea - maybe near Hebron

II. Jesus Meets And Calls Judas

A. Jesus calls him - Luke 6:16

B Jesus knew him to be a devil from the beginning - John 6:70-71

C. Prophecies concerning Judas - Psalm 109:5-8; Acts 1:16

III. Jesus' Relationship to Judas and the Eleven

1. He let Judas be treasurer - John 13:29; he held the bag John:12:6

2. He showed no difference in affection between Judas and other disciples - Luke 22:47

IV. The Closing Scenes

A. Judas agrees to betray Jesus - Matthew 26:14-16; Triggered this - John 12:1-4

B.The scene at the supper table - John 13:18-30

C.The scene in the garden of Gethsemane - Luke 22:47-48

D.Judas hangs himself - Matthew 27:3-10

He could have repented in his heart. Jesus did not condemn Judas but Judas chose to transgress - Acts 1:25; Matthew 12:31-32 teaches that betrayal is not an unpardonable sin.

Compare Saul of Tarsus - Acts 22:19; Acts 26:11

V. Lessons For Us

A. We must love sinners no matter how vile they are

B. We must not let our ideas of what is good cause us to hinder God's cause - John 12:4-8

C. Jesus did not let a traitor stop Him from doing the will of His Father. We must not either

D. Judas can have no comfort in hell in thinking that Jesus had ever mistreated him.

5. It would be better not to be born than deny Jesus - Mark 14:21

Sermon From Dr. Estus Pirkle- Locust Grove Baptist Church- New Albany-MS---USA


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