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Abigail is David's second wife. She was the widow of an arrogant and rich Judean sheepherder. He had refused to help David in his time of need and was slain by the Lord for this ten days later (I Samuel 25:1-42). Abigail was a woman of good understanding and beautiful countenance. She had brains as well as beauty.

Nabal is described as churlish and evil in his doings (I Samuel 25:3). His record proved this so. He was a drunk and an unbeliever, "a son of Belial." He was a foolish man (I Samuel 25:25). Nabal means "a fool." I Samuel 25:2 says he was "great," but not wise.

The whole picture of Abigail shows how God hides things from the wise and prudent, and reveals them unto babes. How else did she know that David was the anointed of the Lord? How did she know his house was a "sure house" (I Samuel 25:28)? How, although in rejection now, did she know he was yet to reign in a kingdom of his own?

Abigail means "gift of the father."

I.David as a Type of Christ.

A. His name means "beloved."

B. He was the eighth son of Jesse.

1. New beginning.

2. New birth.

C. He received a commission from his father.

D. He was a shepherd.

E. He was despised and rejected.

1. Yet he ascended to the throne.

F. He was anointed by God for a kingly office.

1. He was anointed three times. (I Samuel 16:13; II Samuel 2:4; 5:3)

a. The Lord Jesus was anointed three times.

(1) Virgin's womb. (Luke 1:35)

(2) Publicly. (Acts 10:38)

(3) Ascension. (Psalms 45:6-7)

G. During his rejection, Nabal's men rallied around him.

H. He returned to Jerusalem the second time and took over the reign of government.

I. David was a warrior.

1. He was victorious.

2. He prepared the way for the peaceful reign of Solomon.

a. A type of the Millennium.

II. Abigail as a Type of the Church.

A. She was a "gift of the father."

1. The church is a gift to the Son from the Father. a " those that thou gayest me I have kept..."

B. She was a woman of good understanding.

1. She knew that David was the Lord's anointed.

a. Although for the present, it was all dark.

(1) He would ascend to honor in his coming kingdom.

2. The church has the "mind of Christ" and we know who and what He is.

a. We know Him as one who is despised by the world, but loved by the Father.

b. We know His sufferings, His purposes, His patience, longsuffering and grace and His plans.

(1) These are all found in His Word.

c. We are made partakers with Him of His knowledge.

(1) We have the anointing.

(2) We have an Unction from the Holy One.

(a) We know all things.

C. She was of "beautiful countenance."

1. Most of the brides in the Bible are represented as beautiful.

2. The church in glory will be all perfectness.

a. The Lord will present us to Himself without spot or wrinkle.

(1) No spot.

(a) There will be no sin.

(2) No assoilment.

(3) No tears.

(4) No wrinkles.

(a) There will be no marks of age or decay.

(b) Beautiful Bride!

(c) Glorious!

(d) Undecaying life!

(e) Undecaying strength!

3. We shall be invested with His own perfectness and conformed to His own image.

a. There will be nothing more for Him to desire.

b. There will be nothing more to be added.

c. All will be according to His own will.

d. All will be according to His own wisdom.

e. All will be according to His own love.

4. Abigail had come to know the value of David.

D. She knew David's house was sure.

1. Few men had cast their lots with David.

a. They preferred being homeless, with him in a mere cave, to being with Saul in his palace.

b. These would rather suffer with him than reign without him.

E. She could not fellowship with Nabal as the Lord*s anointed.

1. There can be no fellowship between Christ and Belial.

F. She could reveal all to David.

G. "...she met them." (I Samuel 25:20)

1. You can never go out to meet your Lord but that he comes to meet you.

a. As it was so with Rebecca and Isaac.

2. She approached him and called him "my Lord."

a. She had known him as Lord for a long time.

b. She could now see him with her eyes.

H. Her love for the young men was great because of her love for him. (I Samuel 25:27)

1. "We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren..." (I John 3:14)

I.She knew that the day of judgment would come for all the enemies of David. (I Samuel 25:29)

J. David never forgot her. (I Samuel 25:31)

1. "...remember thine handmaid."

a. This reminds us of the words of the thief on the cross, ‘...Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom."

(1) Abigail knew he had a kingdom.

(a) She knew that then, his joy would be full.

K. She watched Nabal as he was "very drunken."

1. Soon the night of the world's intoxication will be past.

2. Soon the pleasures of the world will be gone forever.

3. Abigail knew that David was both Lord and Judge.

L. It was after Nabal's death that Abigail became united to David.

1. It is when the world, self, and our own wills and vile flesh die (mortify) that our souls find rest with our David, Jesus.

M. She becomes David's bride to be with him over that "sure house" of which she had spoken of before.

1. Abigail could now leave all for him.

a. "If we suffer, we shall also reign with him..."

(1) If we suffer with him, we shall be glorified together.

(a) Co-sufferer, co-heir and co-glorified are wonderful words Paul left to us in the book of Romans.

2. She could count all her loss in leaving her wealthy place, in the house of Nabal, as nothing compared to her gain.

3. She joined herself to David in his rejection and was elevated to His side.

Study By Dr. Bill Kanoy
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