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"Preach The Word"


I Corinthians 3:5-9


Many ways of looking at the church. However, one of them is as a husbandry -- the Corinthian church did not always fit this description. Paul's letter tried to correct this.


I. God's Desire For A Garden

A. A place to enjoy fruits of holiness - Romans 6:2

B. A place to experience fragrance of Christ - II Corinthians 2:15

C. A place to express the flowering of righteousness - Psalm 92:12-15

D. It's a place to exalt in the freshness of worship


II. God's Design For His Garden

A. The work that needs to be done

1. Preparation -- plowing and planting

2. Germination -- life and growth

3. Cultivation -- watering and weeding

B. The workers that need to be working

1. Status -- minister (vs. 5)

2. Skills -- as the Lord gave

3. Salary -- reward according to labor (vs. 8)

4. Strength -- laborers together with God (vs. 9)

C. The work that God must do -- God giveth the increase (v7)


III. God's Dissatisfaction With His Garden

A. Because of barrenness

B. Because of bitterness -- resulting in:

1. Worker's problems

a. Idle workers - Matthew 26

b. Incompatible workers- vs. 5

c. Incompetent workers v. 7

2. Watering problems

3. Weeding problems





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