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"Preach The Word"


Biography of
Dr. Percy Ray


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"This book was complied by Dr. Estus Pirke at the request of many people.  Dr. Ray was an outstand evangelist, who built some 40 churches.  His greatest accomplishment was leading  Myrtle Baptist Church, where he pastored more than 50 years. He also built and moderated Camp Zion, which started in the year 1948.   Camp Zion moves on today, under the direction of Dr. Ray's successor, Brother Earl Farley, calling America back to God.  Thanks to Dr. Pirkle for making this book available. This book has over 600 pages.  It is a hardback volume. It will  move you to pray and to live your life for the honor  and glory of God.  This volume will challenge and inspire your faith in God."
                                                       Dr. Tom Walker

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