Dedicated To The Men of God Who Preach the Word of God As It Is To Men As They Are

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"Preach The Word"

"Honor Albums by
Preachers of the Present"

[A Gospel Preaching Treasure]

1- There are eight CD's in each of the albums.
2- Each of these at standard CD format (.wav) that should play on all  CD players.  MP3 sermons require a player that is capable of playing MP3's. These are not MP3's!
3- Many of these have undergone computer processing to enhance and     clarify sound.
4- Each CD case has an insert with a good picture of the preacher on     the front and a biographical sketch on the back.
5- Each CD has information clearly printed directly onto the CD itself.
6- These are not provided to purchase for reduplication and resale.
7- The funds from your donations are used to further this labor of love to     preachers, missionaries, and Sunday School teachers around the world.     These are used by permission of the preachers we are honoring.


These CD albums are available of preachers
who are presently ministering today. With their
permission these albums are offered to you in
honor of their tremendous contributions to
the cause of the Lord Jesus  Christ.


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more about each album:

Dr. Joe Arthur    

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Dr. Donnie Farmer     WB01542_.gif (729 bytes)

NNew Album soon coming
by Laverne Butler


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