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"Preach The Word"

"He maketh me to lie down in green
pastures: he leadeth me beside
the still waters."

In verses 2 and 3, three things are seen:

1. Rest. "He maketh me to lie down."

2. Refreshment. "Beside still water."

3. Restoration. "He restoreth my soul."

I.Why does the Shepherd make the sheep rest?

A. Because the shepherd can see much farther than the sheep. Mountains ahead, valleys ahead.

II. Maketh.

A. Not force, but gentle persuasion. (Touches the thigh of place of strength.)

III. Sheep wil not lie down unless:

A. Free from fear. (II Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear.")

B. Free from friction. Social behavior in the flock. (Church at Corinth)

C. Free from flies. Parasites around eyes and body.

D. Free from need of food. Must be satisfied.

IV. Green pastures speaks of sustenance. Still waters speaks of
refreshment. He has put his word above his name.
(Psalm 138:2)

A. Manna. (Exodus 16, compare John 6)

1. Manna; white; purity; tasted like honey;
sweetness. (Exodus 16:31, Compare Psalm 119:103)

2. Christ is enfolded in Old Testament. He is unfolded in
New Testament.

3. We need to walk with God like Enoch, but we need to
learn like Mary; "Sitting at his feet."

4. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd. (Isaiah 40:11)

5. He satisfieth the longing soul. (Psalm 107:9)

B. Water. (Exodus 1 7, compare with John 7)
1. Water Gate not repaired. (Nehemiah 3)
V. He leadeth me. (Also verse 3)

A. The sheep follow because they know the shepherd's voice. (A.T. Pearson: Butcher drives the sheep. Shepherd leads the sheep.)

B. Israel found God's guidance through the wilderness in four ways:

1. Trumpets. (Old Testament and New Testament)

2. Cloud; Holy Spirit

3. Father-in-law; pictures the servants of God. Hobab gave good advice for he had experience in the wilderness. (Judges 4:11)

4. Ark (Jesus). Picture of Jesus in whom rests the unbroken law.

VI. Sheep chew the cud, clean animal, proper diet, parts hoof, steady walk. (Psalm 1:1) Ruminant means to chew the cud.

A. The shepherd delights to have the sheep lying down.

1. Putting on fat.

2. Growing wool.

VII. Still waters; type of the Holy Spirit.

A. He does for us spiritually all that water does for us physically

1. Water cleans.

2. Fertilizes.

3. Gives life.

4. Is a vital necessity.

NOTE: Still water runs deep.

VIII. We must know the value of the shed blood of Psalm 22 if w are to enjoy the green pastures, still waters, table spread of Psalm 23.

Dr. Billy Kanoy


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