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"Preach The Word"

Simon The Steward And His Savior

Text: Jn. 21:1-19.


A steward is one to whom something has been intrusted by another person. Simon as a disciples had the gospel ministry intrusted to him. He was to be fisher of men. Though Jesus had taught him for three years, we find Peter still not doing the task he had been called to do.


A. The Fact of It

1. The Greek wording- Weust- habitual

2. Look at the man that did it
He denied the Lord and became an easy tool of Satan.

3. Jesus questions- lovest thou me more than these- seems to suggest it.

B. The Seriousness of It "a crisis"

A. Forsaking his call- he was to make Christ made known to others.
He was a steward of the manifold grace of God (1 Pet. 4:10).

B. He was leading six other disciples with him. How true that is in many cases.

C. The work of Christ largely depended on these men.

C. Is It True of Us Today?

Gifts of God are forsaken.

II. FAITHFUL SAVIOR (Seeks to bring them back).

Verses 5-7.

A. By making their business a failure
He prevented them from catching any fish.

B. He by his power put a school of fish right at the side of the boat.

This miracle made John remember the hour of calling (Luke 5)

C. Come and Dine- He sees to it that these tired, cold, discouraged, and guilty group of men were rested, warmed and fed. Then he brought Peter to the place of------


A. Peter was the ring leader.

B. Key-log in the jam

C. Three times Jesus asked: "Lovest thou me?"


A. We manifest our love to Christ by serving others.

B. God called Peter to care for his flock.

C. This is the chief work of a pastor.

D. This is also the task of every Christian in serving others.
Read 1 Pet. 4:10. By serving others we serve Him.

E. He faced his sin--the task is set forth— this love would lead him to:


A. Christ reveals to Peter that he would follow Christ even to death.

B. How little we suffer for Him!

C. The saints of old loved Christ better than life. Willing to die rather than deny Christ.


A steward receive something from another- each one of us have received from God. We can do two things with those gifts- use it or fail to use it. We will give an account to God.

Sermon From Bill Metters- Pastor Fairview Baptist Church- Spartanburg, SC- USA


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