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A Revival That Will Cure Our Ills

Jn. 20:19-23

Nothing is more precious to the church than an old fashioned Holy Ghost revival. Beloved, I believe this is the one thing that will do more for our spiritual welfare than anything else in all of the world. Now, I want to be the first to admit that I really need a revival down in my soul. Let me share with you the kind of a revival I would like to have down in my heart.

I would like to have a Revival That Would

R— Repair my testimony— I need a stronger testimony
E— Ease my pain— many are the burdens one bears
V— Vex my pride- My pride keeps me from much joy
I— Inflame my heartstrings— I need firing up
V— Void my complacency— I
'm lazier than I admit
A— Anoint my preaching— I need God
's power on me
L— Load up my empty storehouse— It needs filling up

With this in mind, let me take you to a little group of people who were for all purposes, and reasons defeated, and rendered useless for the Lord, then Jesus eame and Revival came to these men that they never got over Jn 20 Notice with me........

1: When The Lord Came: Verse 19

"When the doors were shut:"

(A) Now these disciples were filled with fear, and Satan had rendered them useless to the point, they had shut themselves off from the world, and in no way were they being used-Then The Lord Came on the scene.

(B) Many doors has Satan shut today The doors of

Redemption Refreshing Repentance

Readiness   Remembrance   Resistance

(C) But even though Satan has closed these doors, Thank God I'm glad the Lord came unto his disciples in that trying hour.

- Beloved, That same Jesus will come unto us, and give us Revival, if we will but desire him to come.

2: Where The Lord Came: Verse 19

"Where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews."

(A) Folks, He eame to their

Assembly— He will come to ours if we let Him

Doubts- He wants to take away our doubts

Fears- Jesus can overcome our Fears if we trust Him

Dilemma— Our uncertainty is but His opportunity

Discouragement— Jesus specializes in encouraging

Darkened Hopes— He lights every path Defeat— Thank God He is the Victory!

(B) How can anyone help but have Revival when Jesus stands so ready to Come To Us:

3: What The Lord Came: Verse 20

"And when He had said, He shewed unto them His hands and His side."

(A) When He stepped into their midst, He came to them as:

Their Lord— That He might command them

Their Savior— That He might save them

Their Shepard— That He might lead them

Their Shelter— That He might hide them

Their Soldier— That He might fight for them

Their Strength— That He might support them

Their Shield— That He might secure them

(B) He waits to come to us today for these same reasons

4: Why The Lord Came: verses 19-23

(A) Let me share five reasons why He came

V-19 As Their Peace Bringer

V-20 As Their Joy Giver

V-21 As Their Sender forth of Servants:

V-22 As Their Giver of The Holy Ghost:

V-23 As The Divine Instructor of their lives:

(B) Just as He came unto these Disciples in these several ways, He seems to have brought a revival to these men that cured all their ills.

(C) I believe that same Jesus can bring us revival that will do for the heart the very same things that it did for these men --If We Will But Let Him!!!!!!

Sermon From Evangelist T.D. Burgess


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