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TEXT: Job 37:6-14; Gen. 8:22

INTRODUCTION: Are you winterized?

1. There are four seasons, not just one or three.2. Much is said about fall harvest; some about spring sowing; a little about summer plowing; almost nothing about winter cold.3. There are 4 seasons in spiritual as well as natural realm.4. Winter does not come at same time all over world.5. Winter experiences change one's attitudes toward others.I. THE PURPOSE OF WINTER1. It may come for correction.Examples: Lot, Jonah, Tower of Babel, 2. It may come for benefit of land.

(1) To kill off harmful insects, germs and diseases.

Example: Israel in Egypt and wilderness - needed to shed some things.

David chased by Saul --5h00k loose trust in man 5 power.

Churches need winter to get rid of dead wood.

(2) To bring about a good crop.

3. It may come for mercy.

(1) Joseph - to save family, Egypt, and get double portion had to endure 13 years of hard winter.

(2) Elijah - to see a national revival had to be hid for 3 years.

(3) Job - to prove to Satan and whole world that God is worthy of trust under fire endured severe winter.

1. Ice and cold are not to be unexpected. They may not come every day.
2. The days are short and the nights are long.
3. The face of the sun is often hid.
4. That which is not clothed or sheltered is often killed in cold.

(1) Clothing - Jesus

(2) Shelter -- Fire of Holy Spirit

1. The more severe the winter, the better opportunity for good crop next year. Song of Solomon 4:16.

2. It takes a deep freeze to open up earth for moisture and to kill insects far down.

3. It is in winter time we have a better chance to see God at work. v.7.4. It is in wintertime that snow comes. Genesis 28:11-12.5. Matthew 10:27 - What is revealed to you in winter night, can declare in day.


1. Some persons and things do not survive the winter.

Reason: Not sufficiently clothed or refused to take shelter.

2. When a person comes out of winter, he is never the same if he survives.3. What is not killed out that is harmful may be given a more severe freeze next winter.4. Now is time to get winterized.

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