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Death is never received with joy, but with grief, yet death has been a sure thing down through the ages. Our reaction to death in no way determines whether we are saved or not or whether we are a good Christian. Let me use for example, some of the very best of God*s people.

Job: Job had seven sons and three daughters. All died at the same time.

David: His son Absalom was killed in battle.

Mary and Martha: They had a brother, named Lazarus but Lazarus died.

Remember now they are God*s people but they all reacted in the same manner.


Job rent his clothes, and fell on the ground in sorrow.

David cried out in grief,

"0 Absalom."

Mary and Martha wept as they took Jesus to the tomb.

We can*t help but weep when we lose our loved ones.


Job asked, "why was I ever born?"

David wondered why he couldn*t be the one who died.

Mary and Martha said, "If thou had been here."

It is human for us to question in times of our loss.



Job said, "I heard but now I see." David went to the House of God.

Martha and Mary experienced a miracle as Jesus called their brother out of the tomb.

Outline By Zeno Groce

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