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"Preach The Word"


"Video DVD's of Old Fashioned Preaching"

Postage Is Included In
The Requested Donation

The Tom Walker sermons are three per DVD.
These were preached at Zion Hill
Baptist Church where he is pastor and founder of
the Preachers  Corner Org. Inc. of Marion, NC-USA.


Two Sermon--$8.00 Donation Requested
Three Sermon--$10.00 Donation Requested

The postage is included in the requested donation.

Titles On DVD

DVD-Preaching                     # TW-DVD1

1- How To Recognize Spiritual People
2- Digging Wells
3- Hindrances to and the Filling of
     the Holy GhostThree Full Video

Three Messages From the Pulpit       $10.00

DVD-Preaching                     #TW-DVD2


1- Looking For A City
2- Leaving Your Children Behind In
     The Fire
3- In Bondage But Delivered


Three Full Video Messages From the Pulpit

DVD-Preaching                      #TW-DVD3


1- Sailing On The Old Ship of Zion
2- The Six Hallelujahs



Three Full Video Messages From the Pulpit

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These sermons were preached and filmed at Locust Grove
Baptist Church under the ministry of Dr. Estus Pirkle.
These were filmed during the last years of Dr. Ray's ministry.

All the Percy Ray DVD's
Are For A $12.00 Donation Each
Order all 6 for a $60.00 Donation
The postage is included in the requested donation.

PR-DVD1--- Red Light Of Hell
PR-DVD2---The Measure Of A Man
PR-DVD3----Open My Eyes
PR-DVD4----Weighed In The Balances and Found Wanting
PR-DVD5------Heirs of God
PR---DVD6Four Questions God Asked

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These 3 Sermons are all DVDs of
the late Evangelist Maze Jackson preaching
in his Camp Meeting Style preaching.

All the DVD's Are For A $12.00
Donation Each
The postage is included in the requested donation.

MJ-DVD1     Following The Bottle

MJ-DVD2 God Will Set Your Barley
Fields on Fire

MJ-DVD3 Somebody Touched Heaven For Me

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This outstanding sermon deals with the reality of death.
After death there is the judgment.

All the DVD's Are For A $12.00 Donation
The postage is included in the requested donation.

EP-DVD1     Consider Death

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This services were filmed in the Zion Hill Baptist Church in Marion.
This was preached in Revival Services.
Calvary (ET-DVD1)
(A tremendous message on the cross)

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Billy Kelly DVD's

The Following Sermons
Are Available of Brother Billy on DVD

1- The Prodigal Son (BK-DVD1
2- Fishing For Men(BK-DVD2)
3- God Can Turn It Around (BK-DVD3)
4- Trodding Under Foot The Grace of God (BK-DVD4)
5- The Best Is Yet To Come (BKD-DVD5)
6- Our Salvation (BK-DVD6)
7- The Greatest Battle Known To Man(BK-DVD7)
8- Count Your Blessings (BK-DVD8)
9- Considering The Lord Jesus Christ (BK-DVD9)
10- Mishandling The Things of God (BK-DVD10)

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All the DVD's Are For A $12.00 Donation
The postage is included in the requested donation.


Dr. Harold Sightler- DVD
(One Bright Spot Hour Video)
(Two Messages)

For a $12.00 Donation
(Postage Included in Price)
Item #- HS-DVD1

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Dr. Joe Arthur
"In Camp Meeting"

4 DVD Messages

"The Eye of the Storm"
"We Have This Treasure"
"What Meaneth These Stones"
"A God Who Will Remember"

Requested Donation  $25.00
(Postage is in requested donation)

Item Number - JA-DVD1

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Dr. Vance Havner
3 DVD's Available

It's About Time- Dr. Vance Havner

Home Before Dark- Dr. Vance Havner


Look Who's Here- Dr. Vance Havner

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A great sermon by the late
Dr. Tom Malone- Pontiac, MI

Includes shipping and handling

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Dr. Ralph Sexton Sr.
DVD's Available


The Fundamental Top 500

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