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"Preach The Word"

Great Music
From the Past

The Eleventh Hour Singers traveled all around the South East being
a blessing to many people as they sang Southern Gospel Music as a
traveling choral group. If you want some great music from the past,
this will be a blessing to you. Special thanks to Maurice Templeton for
allowing the Preacher's Corner to make this music available.

To hear a sample song use
the music bar below:

There are 24 songs on this CD and are listed as follows:
*May I Present Jesus to You
*What A Lovely Name
*Tell Me His Name Again
*He Lives Within
*I Must Tell Jesus
*Jesus I Love You
*My Home Sweet Home
*Beyond the Gates
*We'll Tour That Golden City

Listening for the Trumpet
*He Touched Me
*Lord Plant My Feet on Higher Ground
*Jesus is Coming Soon
*Redeeming Love
*I'll Walk Into that Beautiful Sunset
*There's Nothing my God Can't Do
*Till the Storm Passes By
*Because of Calvary
*One More Valley
*He Changed My Life
*As Long As Eternity Rolls
*Jesus Lover of my Soul
*I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary
*Jesus my Wonderful Lord

This recording can be yours for a
donation to this ministry of $12.00.

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