Dedicated To The Men of God Who Preach the Word of God As It Is To Men As They Are

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"Preach The Word"

These pictures of landscapes and objects were taken by
Tom Walker. They are not to be used without permission.
They are available if you would like to purchase one to help
the Preachers Corner Internet Ministry.  Remember the
pictures you see on this page only gives you an idea of what
the real pictures looks like.  These examples have been
optimized for the web and do not have the quality you will have
if you order one of the pictures below.
  You can order an 8 x 10
picture without a matte  for an 11x14 frame, or else you can order a picture with a white picture matte. Prices at listed at bottom of page for your information. All Scripture verses on the pictures 
are Kings James Version.

Ocracoke Lighthouse
Ocracoke, NC
(Outer Banks)

The verse on this picture reads as follows: " I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness"
(Jn. 12:46)

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
(North Carolina)

The verse on this picture
reads as follows: " Ye shine as lights in the world"
(Phil. 2:15)

Sunset Over the
Atlantic Ocean

The verse on this picture
reads as follows: "From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the Lord's name is to be praised"
(Psalm 133:3)

Remember these are only poor quality thumbnails of
the beautiful pictures that are available!

8 x 10 in an 11x14 Mat 
Some Of God's Champions Of
The Past
(More to follow later)

Dr. Percy Ray
A man who influenced
multitudes of people
through his Camp Zion
Ministry in Myrtle, MS

(Used by permission of
Camp Zion)

Dr. Harold B. Sightler
Founder of the Bright Spot
Hour Radio Ministry and
former pastor of Tabernacle
Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina

(Used by permission of
Dr. James Sightler)

Evangelist Joe Parsons
Brother Joe was one of
the wisest men who ever
ministered the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.  God took him from a very rough life and made a God anointed preacher out of him.
(Used by permission
of his daughters)

Maze Jackson is one
of the most beloved of
the old-fashioned
camp meeting evangelists
of the past.  This is one
of the best pictures Brother Maze ever had
taken.  What a keep sake!
(Used by Permission of
Son Nolan)

Dr. A.F. Blackburn was
one of the great camp
meeting preachers in the
Southeastern Part of
the United States.  If there
were ever a true exhorter,
it was Arthur Blackburn.
(Used by permission of
daughter Becky)

This is a picture of Dr. 
Percy Ray in his prime.
He is founder of Camp
Zion in Myrtle, MS and
pastored the Myrtle
Baptist Church for
many years.
(Used by permission
of Estus Pirkle
Evangelistic Association 

You can order (just the picture)
for 8 x 10 frame or 11 x 14 matte
 (postage & mailing tube included)

If you order just the picture, it will be sent to
you in a mailing tube which will keep it like new
during the mailing process

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