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Special Music CD
Henkle Little and the Sons of Faith

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This CD is of the Sons of Faith with Brother Henkle Little, who was a camp meeting speaker and singer. He is the former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Taylorsville, North Carolina.  Brother Henkle was a friend of mine and was a great preacher and a Spirit filled singer. I appreciate his son Randy Little for giving me the permission to offer this gospel keepsake from the past. Brother Henkle wrote the song--"Sorry I Never Knew You."


1- Leaning On The Everlasting Arms  2- Rose Covered Lane  3- Happiness  4- Beyond the Gates  5- Jesus So Divine  6- Help Me To
Stand Oh Lord  7- Some Morning Fair  8- Walking Up and Down the Banks of Jordan   9- He is Mine and I am His  10- Blessings That Flow From the Cross  11- Traveling Home   12- Jesus Paid the Cost

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