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"Preach The Word"

Preaching CD's That Will
Be A Blessing

Recordings are preserved for a much longer period of time
on CD than on a standard cassette tape.  The cassette tape will get
old, brittle and lose some of its quality over a long period of time.
From what I have read, I glean that a CD will not lost its quality even
over the period of 100 years if it is store or used carefully.

Please Request by Item Number

How To Use Your Bible and The Importance of God's Presence Two great sermons from a good friend, Dr. Bob Daugherty. His sermons are full of information and inspiration. These will prove to be a great blessing.
Item #PCD35 (2CDs)
Illustrations of Brother Maze
These were complied by Brother Bobby Grubbs. One of the strong points of the ministry of Brother Maze was his use of illustrations.
Item #PCD36                                    $6.00
The Shekinah Glory of God and The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
No preacher of the past is more knowledgeable of the Holy Ghost and His power than was Dr. B.B. Caldwell.
Item #PCD37(2CDs)   
The Old Time Religions and The Great Separation by Dr. W.A. Criswell
Dr. Criswell is one of the great preachers who ever walked in shoe leather. He is a preacher of renown and is certainly worthy of remembrance and recognition.
Item #PCD38 (2CDs)                      
The Self Life by Evangelist Bill Stafford
This sermons was preached many years ago at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Toast, NC, where Brother Jr. Dawson was the pastor.
If you have never heard Bill Stafford, you have missed a treat!

Item #PCD39                                   $6.00
The Self Life and The Christian Life
by Bill Stafford
There are two sermons in this item. He deals with both the kind of life we do not need (the self life) and with the kind of life we do need (the Christian Life). A strong contrast is
drawn between the two kinds of life.
Item #PCD40 (2CDs)
Great Christians and Fervent In Spirit by Dr. Lee Roberson
Dr. Roberson for many years was pastor of the Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN and is the founder of Tennessee Temple University. These sermons will touch your heart lead you to serve God.
)                            $7.00
If Christ Were Not God and If Christ Had Not Died--Dr. John McCormick
These are two sermons from a very gifted Bible teacher and preacher. His depth of insight and sense of humor go together to provided exhortation for God's people.
The Wilderness Tabernacle--Dr. Charles Fuller (Radio Revival Hour)
This is a great study on the tabernacle in the wilderness. Dr. Fuller skillfully presents how it all pictures  the Lord Jesus Christ.

Item#PCD43                                     $6.00

Why I Reject The Charismatic Movement- Dr J.B. Buffington
This is a tremendous study on the subject of speaking in unknown tongues. Dr. Buffington is very masterful and thorough in deal with the subject of why he rejects the modern dayCharismaticMovement.
Item#PCD44                                      $6.00
The Sovereignty of  God- Dr. Ralph Sexton Sr.- This is a sermon that helps to unfold the nature and person of God Almighty. Brother Ralph possessed a good balance when it comes to the sovereignty of God and the free will of man.

Item #PCD45                                     $6.00

Birds In The Bible-  Dr. Tom Walker
As you study the nature and characteristics of various birds, you see pictures of various kinds of people found in the Word of God.

Item #PCD46                                     $6.00

Don't Touch God's Man
The Shindiggers Shenanigan
Evangelist Billy Kelly

These two sermons are  by one of America's past great evangelists.
Item #PCD47 (2 CDs)                      $7.00


The Sin of Homosexuality
Dr. Lester Roloff
Dr. Roloff deals with the sin of homosexuality
in this message. He reveals what the Bible says about this issue. What the Scriptures say about it is the "final authority" for the Bible believer.
Item #PCD48                                    $6.00
Two Classic Sermons on The
Place Called Heaven
Dr. R. G. Lee and Dr. B.R. Lakin
Do you want to know more about heaven? These two sermons shed a great deal of light
on what God has prepared for His people.
Item #PCD49(Two CDs)                  $7.00
For Such An Hour As This
Delivered From The Mire
Dr. Joe Arthur
Brother Joe is "Mr. Camp Meeting" of our day. His messages will make you want to serve and love Jesus more!
Item #PCD50 (Two CD's)                $7.00
The Secret of the Overcoming Life
Evangelist Manley Beasley
Through his many experiences with pain and sickness, and out of a close, intimate walk with God, Brother Beasley gives us information on how to be victorious in spite of it all.
Item #PCD51                                    $6.00
Watch That Ghost
Dr. Percy Ray
People do not have to be filled with fear. There are ghosts that haunt people every day of their lives and make them afraid. This is a
very unusual and interesting sermon.
ITEM #PCD52                                  $6.00
The Guarded Tomb Has Lost It's Victim
Don't Sell Your Chance With God
Dr. Percy Ray

Two great sermons by Dr. Percy Ray, who was one of the greatest servants of God who ever lived. These were preached in Camp Meeting.
Item#PCD53                                             $7.00
You Can't Keep God From Doing It- God Can't Keep You From Doing It
Dr. Percy Ray
Another unusual, information and Spirit filled message by Dr. Percy Ray.

Item #PCD54                                     $6.00

Why Did You Come To Church?
I'll Take The Old Stream
Dr. Tom Walker

Two sermons by the founder and webmaster
of the Preacher's Corner. The Old Stream emphasizes the old paths will still work.
Item #PCD54                                     $7.00


Single Sermon CD's are $6.00
Double Sermon CD's are $7.00
Four Sermon Albums are $15.00

Each CD has a full cover insert.

Special CD Collection of
Evangelist Joe Parsons
On Philippians
(From the Taylorsville Baptist Camp Meeting
in the 1970's).
----4 CD Album---

Brother Parsons spoke out of a deep walk with God.

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Item Number- (PCD32)

This is a four CD study by a great fundamental scholar
on the subject of tongues.  Dr. John Rice will be a blessing
as you study with him this controversial subject.
Requested Donation- $15.00


Two Sermons On One CD
or there may be two CD's in a pack.
$7.00 For Each Two Sermon Package
(Postage is included in requested donation)
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Alas or Hallelujah and The Journey Is for The Great
Lest We Forget and Eternal Life Our Present Possession
Crags or Cages and All This And Heaven Too
Four Tests For Preachers and The Situation Is Desperate
God's Care For The Sparrow and If We Had Revival
Home Before Dark and Upon This Rock I Stand
The Christian and This Word and Must We Live

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